Press & Media Features About Our Birds of Prey Adventures

Telegraph & Argus

When we visited Aire View Infant School we took along 6 very different owls, ranging in size from a tiny grey Scops owl all the way up to a huge golden Eagle owl. The children had been learning about nocturnal animals, so one of the things we explained was how you can tell the difference between owls which hunt in the day and those which hunt at night, just by looking into their eyes!

Telegraph & Argus

10th May 2013

Feathered visitors descend on Oakbank School in Keighley

Feathered visitors descended on Oakbank as part of a celebration marking World Falconry Day. We took our Birds to Oakbank School in Keighley as part of the Countryside alliance's Falconry 4 Schools project. This project is free for schools to do as it is funded by the Countryside Alliance and aims to teach students the history of Falconry and about how to care and look after Birds of Prey.

Keighley News

2nd December 2015

Birds of prey make flying visit to Ingrow Primary School

excerpt: "Five children were chosen from each year group to spend two days with the feathered predators.

Keighley News

13th April 2014

Merlin Top Primary School pupils get hands-on with birds of prey

excerpt: "Bird of prey experts took a merlin to Merlin Top Primary School in Braithwaite for two days of special lessons.

Telegraph & Argus

10th March 2014

Owls swoop in to meet pupils at Silsden

excerpt: "About 150 Key Stage One pupils enjoyed the visit last Wednesday and some of them filmed the event in the school hall.

Craven Herald & Pioneer

17th May 2013

Owls lesson is a real hoot for Silsden pupils

excerpt: "The feathered visitors included a huge Eagle Owl, and the pupils were allowed to briefly hold one of the smaller birds. The SMJ staff told the children interesting facts about owls, explaining why different species have different coloured eyes.

Keighley News

12th May 2013