Owl Experience

Enjoy an unforgettable encounter with our owls. We offer a personal, uninterrupted experience where you'll be introduced to 20+ species of owl. You'll have plenty of opportunity to handle and fly the owls yourself with dedicated guidance from a friendly, professional falconer. Whether you just want to get close to the birds and see them flying or hold and fly them yourself, or learn everything you can about them, this Experience has something special to offer you.

(Our collection includes: Barn owls, Little owl, White Faced Scops, Boobook, Ashy Faced, European Eagle owl, Bengal Eagle owls, Asian Brown Wood owl, Snowy, Burrowing, Great Grey, Northern Hawk, Long-Eared, Chaco, Canadian Great Horned, African Spotted Eagle owl, MacKinder's Eagle owl, Tawny, Tropical Screech, Spectacled and an Abyssinian Eagle owl.)

We are located in West Yorkshire, near the borders with North Yorkshire & Lancashire, UK.

Owl Experience



  • Includes light refreshments.
  • No crowds, no queues, just yourself and whomever you bring along catered for by our friendly, dedicated team.
  • Bookings taken for any day of the week, Monday through Sunday.
  • Located in West Yorkshire, near the borders with North Yorkshire & Lancashire, UK.
  • We give discounts for groups of 4+ people, please contact us for details.
  • Either:
    • Start at 10 am and finish at 12:30 pm, or
    • Start at 1 pm and finish at 3.30 pm.

Our 2022 Calendars are now available for purchase. We have two available, one of a range of our most popular Birds here at SMJ Falconry. The other one features some of our Owls.

Birds featured in the General Calendar are; Peregrine Falcon, Great Grey Owl, Red Kite, Kestrel, Barn Owl, Merlin, Siberian Eagle Owl, Steppe Eagle, Mackinders Eagle Owl, Hooded Vulture, Harris Hawk and Gyr Falcon.

The Owl Calendar Features; Barn Owl, Great Horned Owl, White Faced Owl, Tawny Owl, Burrowing Owl, Siberian Eagle Owl, Asian Brown Wood Owl, Boobook Owl, Bengal Eagle Owl, Little Owl and Great Grey Owl.

General 2022 Calendar

Owl 2022 Calendar