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Keighley News

Having a bird or prey fly away from us occasionally comes with the territory. Fortunately it doesn't happen very often... Back in 2013 James' Lanner Falcon, Nekala, decided there might be something more interesting going on elsewhere. Later a resourceful farmer spotted Nekala and, with the help of facebook, found us too and brought her back!

Keighley News

25th April 2013

Flight of the falcon evokes 'Kes' film

excerpt: "The artist’s extensive knowledge of birds of prey meant that he was able to identify the falcon immediately and advertise its loss on his Facebook page, where he has a large following of bird lovers.

The Yorkshire Post

20th April 2013

Barnsley's real life Kes

excerpt: "In the Ken Loach film, the kestrel meets a miserable end. But when another lad lost his bird of prey in Barnsley, there was a happier ending - thanks to Facebook

The Guardian

18th April 2013

Barnsley teenager awarded falconry 'Kes Award'

excerpt: "Forty years after the film was made, life is now imitating art as a teenager from Barnsley has turned his troublesome past into a positive future.


10th June 2011

The real life Kes: Teenager shuns a life of crime after forging friendship with a bird of prey

excerpt: "The Kes Project is an eight-week course aimed at Ben achieving a Lantra Beginning Falconry Award.

The Daily Mail

28th April 2011