Sponsor a Bird of Prey

When you sponsor a bird of prey at SMJ Falconry we don't just give you a certificate and a photograph. We make your connection as meaningful as possible by offering you the chance to visit and handle your new friend once during each year of sponsorship!

So, sponsor one of our birds of prey and in return we'll give you:

  • A visit to handle your new friend, each year of sponsorship
  • a personalised sponsorship certificate
  • a photograph of your chosen bird of prey
  • Key Ring and Fridge Magnet
  • 6x4 Photograph of your chosen bird
  • USB Stick containing photographs of your chosen Bird and a selection of our other birds at SMJ Falconry

Geoff - Male Peregrine Falcon

Hatch date: 24/5/2014

Geoff is a cheeky chap, he is our imprint (hand raised) peregrine. He is one of Chris's demonstration birds, he also visits schools and does pest control. Geoff join us at SMJ Falconry temporarily in August 2014, we took him on as he was an extremely noisy falcon, he would scream constantly when he saw anyone. He now regularly gets to fly at tame hack, meaning he gets to fly around our farm and the local area for a few hours each morning. He also visits many schools, does Pest Control and public flying displays.

Peregrine Falcon

Leon - Male Black Kite

Hatch date: 14/6/14

Leon is our Black Kite, he arrived with us in 2014 at 5 weeks old. He came from Belgium and Chris collected him from the Dartford crossing. Unfortunately when Chris collected him there was a big accident in the tunnel which closed the tunnel and left Chris in a traffic jam for 6 hours behind a Seat Leon, which is where his name "Leon" comes from. In the end he had to stay over night in a hotel to wait for it to clear. Leon is a great bird to see flying on experience days, unfortunately he hasn't mastered external demonstrations yet but we hope he will improve for demonstrations in the future.

Black Kite

Jay - Male Gyr/Saker Falcon (Hybrid)

Hatch date: 19/4/2014

Jay is our white Gyr/Saker falcon hybrid. He is part of Chris's flying display team and can be seen at events with Chris all over the country. He is a fantastic flying bird and is always eye catching on our static displays.

Gyr/Saker Falcon (Hybrid)

Oslo - Male Harris Hawk

Hatch date: 15/7/2003

Oslo is Chris's first ever bird and is our original bird. He joins Chris at lots of displays during the summer and is his hunting companion. Oslo is extremely reliable and a fantastic hunter, providing guests on hunting days a thrilling day.

Harris Hawk

Peter - Male Harris Hawk

Hatch date: 25/05/2016

Peter is our chief hawk walk Harris Hawk. He does most of our hawk walks and is very good at them. He soars over our little valley during windy days and follows us around the beautiful countryside. He isn't a very good hunting hawk as he is our smallest Harris Hawk, but he will occasionally join the hunting team and can be successful on smaller rabbits/prey.

Harris Hawk

Reggie - Male Peregrine Falcon

Hatch date: 19/5/2011

Reggie is our adult male peregrine falcon and is been part of Sandra's flying team. He is extremely fast and enjoys just flying rather than chasing the lure. He also takes part in our photography workshops and is particularly stunning when all the heather is in bloom.

Peregrine Falcon

Morris - Male Lanner Falcon

Hatch date: 4/5/2013

Morris is part of Chris's display team, he came to us at 6 weeks old (just as he was fully grown) and took straight to flying in demonstrations, he is an excellent bird to watch and will come really close over the audience's heads. He does occasionally go and have a wonder off from shows, most memorably from York where he ended up landing on a Frankie's and Benny's roof and waited for Chris to collect him.

Lanner Falcon

Twilight - Female Barn Owl

Hatch date: 1/5/2013

Twilight is one of Chris's primary demonstration birds and takes part in most external shows and a lot of experience days here. She is very well behaved and loves to fly every day. Most people in Britain know of the struggle Barn Owls have had over the last 50 years, as such they are a firm favourite among young and old.

Barn Owl

Dusty - Male African Spotted Eagle Owl

Hatch date: 10/4/2010

Dusty is one of Sandra's favourite Owls, she is part of her flying display team and also takes part in owl encounters. Dusty occasionally stars at weddings, doing flying ring deliveries, too!

African Spotted Eagle Owl