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Local Area

Oxenhope - where we're based

Oxenhope is a small village in the Yorkshire countryside, close to the adjoining borders of West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and Lancashire. It is an area of natural beauty and distinctive character. The landscape is rugged moorland, hills and valleys, interspersed by pretty reservoirs (a setting made famous by the descriptions it inspired in Emily Brontë's famous novel 'Wuthering Heights'). We are the last/first stop on the preserved Worth Valley Railway, which is a quaint steam railway running from Keighley, on through the famous, picture-postcard village of Haworth (just 2.5 miles from here) and finally to us.

Haworth - 2.5 miles away

Haworth is internationally famous for its connection with the fascinating Brontë family, the most well-known of whom being Charlotte Brontë and Emily Brontë who wrote two of the most famous books of all-time 'Jane Eyre' and 'Wuthering Heights'. Haworth is graced by visitors from around the globe, throughout the year, people wishing to gain a deeper appreciation for the lives of the Brontës and connection to the surroundings that inspired their works. The historic part of Haworth centres around a steeply rising cobbled street, at the top of which is St Michael And All Angels Church where Emily and Charlotte's father (Rev. Patrick Brontë, who outlived his entire family) was the Curate. Behind that is the Parsonage where they all lived together, which is now a museum. Due to the fact that the Brontë sisters were famous within their lifetimes, much of the historical interest has been preserved.

Hebden Bridge - 8 miles away

Accolades about Hebden Bridge have ranged from it being the best, coolest and quirkiest place to the wettest place in Yorkshire (or even Britain), it is also thought to be Prince Charles' favourite town. Hebden Bridge has a strict, community-enforced "No Supermarkets" policy. The town centres around a canal and features art and music events throughout the year. Originally a mill town producing woolen goods, during the 70s and 80s the town was taken over by hippies, artists, musicians, alternative practitioners etc., something that has left a strong impression on the place today.

Skipton - 15 miles away

Skipton is a beautiful market town on the boundary with the Yorkshire Dales. Skipton boasts one of the most well-preserved medieval castles in England, where you can explore all the way from the dungeons to the tower. Within the centre of town there is also a cobbled street, canal/river and woodland. There is also a steam railway nearby and it is very close to the 680 square miles of Yorkshire Dales National Park.