Sponsor a Bird of Prey

When you sponsor a bird of prey at SMJ Falconry we don't just give you a certificate and a photograph. We make your connection as meaningful as possible by offering you the chance to visit and handle your new friend twice during each year of sponsorship!

So, sponsor one of our birds of prey and in return we'll give you:

  • 2 visits to handle your new friend, each year of sponsorship
  • a personalised sponsorship card & certificate
  • a photograph of your chosen bird of prey

Murphy - Male (Jack) Merlin

Hatch date: 22/5/2011

Murphy is our star demonstration falcon. He is an amazing flyer and is thrilling to watch. James loves Murphy and flys him pretty much every day. He goes along with Chris's display team, but James is the one to fly him, he's certainly one to watch. He is also a perfect model for photography workshops.


Timmy - Male American Kestrel

Hatch date: 3/6/2013

Timmy is a cheeky little bird, he is our smallest bird weighing in at just 100 grams. Timmy is used for experience days, schools and birthday parties. He also travels around in both Chris's and Sandra's display teams.

American Kestrel

Pippin - Male Kestrel

Hatch date: 17/5/2011

Pippin takes part in our experience days, school visits and photography workshop. He is a very impressive looking Kestrel with his beautiful adult colours.


Click - Female Little Owl

Hatch date: 22/5/2013

Click is our only Little Owl, she is a very grumpy owl (most Little Owls are!) and is called Click after her "Clicking" her beak at us in protest as a young owlet.

Little Owl