Come and join us for a VIP first-hand experience with these wonderful birds of prey.

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Special Days

Special days

We can provide our services for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, school visits…

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We have a wide range of services available, from photography workshops to bird/pest control.


sponsor a bird

Sponsor a bird

We have two different types of sponsorship available - both make fantastic gifts.


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Welcome to our website and thanks for visiting!

We offer you the opportunity to have personal, first-hand, one to one experience with birds of prey and have a wide variety of owls, falcons, hawks and an eagle and vulture.

We also offer other bird of prey related services.

All of our experience days are now one to one, providing you with a VIP, personal experience ensuring you have our falconers undivided attention.

Upon purchasing an experience with us via our online store, or over the phone, we will send you a voucher which is valid for 12 months. When you are ready to book the experience please contact us and we will book your experience day.

We’re located in Oxenhope, West Yorkshire, near Haworth (Bronte country) which is close to the borders with North Yorkshire and Lancashire in the UK.

These are our offerings, click any to read more:

One to one experience days, including handling and flying our birds of prey

Hawk walks

Owl encounters

Wedding services, including flying delivery from a ring bearing owl or falcon

Static and flying displays, and exhibitions

Birthday parties

Corporate events

School visits

Photography workshops

Pest control / bird control

One to one hunting days with hawks

Education including the Lantra award with hands-on experience

Click here to see a more detailed summary of all the experience and services we offer


You can come to us, or we can bring our birds or prey to you - we only accept visitors by appointment, so if you come to us you can be assured of a personal experience and of our undivided attention. If you are coming to us we’re located in Oxenhope, West Yorkshire, which is on the borders with North Yorkshire and Lancashire in the UK. Click here to contact us…

Looking for something that’s not here?

We tailor our offerings for you personally when we’re together… Because we’re a private centre, and not open to the public, it’s very easy to make a day that changes according to your tastes. In addition to that: if you’re looking for a particular experience or service that you don’t see listed here, or you’d like to check that we can make something specific happen for you, get in touch with us and we’ll do our very best to achieve what your looking for. Click here to contact us…

More detailed views

Click here to see a more detailed summary of all the experience and services we offer.

Click here to see the full list of our birds of prey on our “About us” page.

Book an experience with us and get to meet, handle, fly and see your favourite owl, falcon, hawk, kestrel or eagle in action for real!  All that with no queues and a friendly team exclusively dedicated to you and your friends…

experience days

Experience day

Enjoy a one to one experience day with birds of prey.

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Owl Encounter

Owl encounter

Enjoy a one to one

half day experience with our wide variety of owls.

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